There's More to Love With a Large Dog Breed

Our Doberman breeder will help you find the perfect pet in Riverside, IA

If you get bit by the early bird bug, the puppies are still avilable at 8 weeks. No sooner.

Ready to expand your family with a new furry friend? Searching for Doberman puppies for sale? BR's Dobermans can help you find the missing piece in your family. We breed and sell Dobermans in Riverside, IA, and we help loving families find the furry friends they need throughout the area.

Contact us today if you want to add a Doberman to the family. Learn more about our pups here!

Why you need to choose the right breeder

You want to start your relationship with your new pet on the right foot. To make sure your pet is comfortable in its new home, you'll want to find a breeder who socializes their dogs properly. You can trust our Doberman breeder because he's:

  • Experienced-our breeder knows how to care for Dobermans
  • Caring-every puppy receives the love and attention it needs to grow healthily
  • Professional-our expert will make sure you know everything you need to know about your new dog

The health and safety of our Doberman puppies is our top priority, so we'll help you make sure a Doberman is the right fit for your family. Call 319-530-0230 today if you have any questions for an experienced Doberman breeder.

If you want to bring a dog home to the family, our Dobermans are an amazing choice. Dobermans are an incredibly intelligent breed that have the energy to keep up with you on long walks and runs. We breed brown and black litters and sell puppies on a first-come, first-served basis.

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